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 Victim Advocates are the heart of our organization. Each of the advocates has received specialized training in Victim's Rights, Victim Advocacy, Confidentiality, HIPPA Regulations, Mandatory Reporting, and Crisis Intervention.

Advocacy services include:

  • Crisis interventions, safety planning, and support for clients and family members at all stages of involvement with the Center.


  • Assessment of individual needs and cultural considerations for the client and family to ensure those needs are addressed.


  • Coordination of the multidisciplinary response.

  • Education and access to victims’ rights and crime victims’ compensation.

  • Assistance in obtaining concrete services (i.e. protective orders, food, transportation, public assistance, temporary housing, etc).

  • Updates to the family on case status, continuances, dispositions, and sentencing.

  • Civil and Criminal court accompaniment.

  • Participation in case review meetings with multidisciplinary team members.

Victim Advocacy


Victim's Rights & Compensation

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Address Confidentiality Program

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