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Forensic Interviews

A forensic interview is a structured conversation to obtain accurate information about a possible event(s) a child or vulnerable adult may have experienced. These events may include abuse, neglect, or witnessing a violent crime. They are legally sound interviews that a forensic interviewer conducts.

Forensic Interviewers are trained to interview victims in a manner that is sensitive and appropriate to the victim's developmental, emotional, psychological, and cultural needs.


Following a referral from law enforcement or the Department of Child Safety we schedule an appointment for  the forensic interviewer.

The interviewer obtains clear information without asking leading or suggestive questions   while also providing a safe space for children to tell their stories.

Re-telling the story of their abuse can be traumatic for victims. The interview is recorded so a Victim only has to tell the story of what happened to them once.

Interviews are observed or available to each member of the Multidisciplinary team. Each has access to the same information so they can make informed decisions on their respective cases.

Questions about the Forensic Interview?

Some of the commonly asked questions include:
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